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I cannot wrap my head around the total and complete ignorance and stupidity of Justin Beiber’s fans. I’ve been looking through posts to get a better idea of what happened when I found this gem.
“…even the day you shoot up a school…”
I couldn’t believe it when I heard that his fans were cutting themselves in order to support him, along with all the other horrible things he’s done over the past year. Now he’s finally gotten himself arrested and his fans are demanding his release saying the charges were false and the media is just sensationalizing the situation.
Beiber’s entourage used their cars to block off a street just so he could drag race…while he’s under the influence of alcohol, pot, and possibly prescription drugs. (Not sure on that last one, it’s just what I’ve heard).
And now this ignorant girl, and most likely a fuck-ton of others, are not only advocating for his release but support the idea of Justin walking into a school, pulling out a gun, and killing everyone in site!
How can people like the Beliebers actually be real?!?! I feel like it’s part of some horrible show or comic and we’re breaking the fourth wall or something.
I can’t stand being around ignorant people, but this is a whole new level…on top of a skyscraper that’s about to be demolished.

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